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    The Orangeburg SPCA supports expanded efforts to spay and neuter pets.  Orangeburg County pet owners can take advantage of an expanded local effort to spay and neuter pets.  The Fido Fixer van comes to town and does low-cost surgeries once a week.  Their phone number for appointments is 803-783-1267.  For more information: click here for their website.


    • You provide temporary housing for orphaned, sick or special needs animals in the comfort of your home.

    • You provide food, water, litter (if needed), shelter and lots of love Orangeburg SPCA pays for routine medical costs and spay/neuter surgery.

    • You will need to be available 24/7, if you choose to foster newborn animals because bottle feeding is required.

    • You choose which types of animals you wish to foster (e.g., kittens, puppies, cats or dogs).

    All of our animals are assessed before placing them into your home. Before you pick an animal up from the shelter, he or she has undergone the following treatments: an application of Frontline has been applied, has had age appropriate vaccines administered, has been bathed and has been de-wormed.  Please note that kittens and puppies must be at least 6 weeks old before any vaccines can be administered.

    You must be approved to participate in this program. In order to participate, you must agree to an Orangeburg SPCA representative visiting your home and must be able to provide documentation that your animals have been vaccinated and spayed or neutered.

    Join a special league of animal lovers and give animals a second chance at life!  If interested, contact Orangeburg SPCA at 803-536-3918.

    DOG University

    Our new educational program for all ages. Teaching compassion and care for all animals. Also safety and bite prevention. Contact Penny Garrett at 803-536-3918.


    The work our organization accomplishes every year would not be possible without the generous help of our volunteers and donors. The Orangeburg SPCA has many ways that you can help the animals.

    Give the shelter 2-3 hours of your time a week to help find animals a loving home. Activities include puppy bathing, walking dogs, etc.

    Volunteers are needed for different events throughout the year such as exhibition shows, dog washes, open houses and special fundraisers.

    If you are interested in volunteering, please click here for application.  After completion, please forward to the Orangeburg SPCA.

     Komforting K9’s

    Our Komforting K9’s Program takes puppies to nursing homes, hospitals, daycares, schools and colleges. These visits demonstrate that dogs can serve as catalysts by being actively involved in nursing homes and provide a welcome change from the routine. They lessen stress for those in hospitals and children and college kids during testing times.

    Dogs are unparalleled “stress relievers,” “courage givers,” “door openers,” and “conversation starters” that can make these institutional settings a much more comfortable experience for everyone. We are always in need of volunteers for this program. Contact the Adoption Center at 536-3918 if you are interested in volunteering.