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We are a non-profit (c)3 organization that was started over 40 years by Maude Schiffley. We continue to carry on her mission. Our goals are: 1. To reduce the overbreeding of domestic animals, primarily cats and dogs. 2. To further responsible pet ownership. 3. To place adoptable pets into responsible homes. 4. To shelter animals in such a way as to minimize their stress, protect them from the elements, and to provide a place of safety and comfort. 5. To educate the public (adults and children) on proper animal care and responsible animal ownership.

Executive Committee

President - Rodney Tumbleston

Vice President - Deana Houser

Secretary - Linda Heffner

Treasurer - Vicki Lammers

Board of Directors

Jerry Brock

Dave Heffner

Andy Hunter

Ernie Neumeister

Lori Incerta

Gina Robinson

Alex White

Program Manager

Betty Jean DeFazio